Breakfast at the Hilton!

So at the Hilton Nashville and who do we see Little Richard himself!! Erm what a legend!!

Back to Noshville!!

Just had a amazing breakfast at Noshville Nashville!! With the amazing Chuck Rhodes from Red River Entertainment!! All excited things!! 🙂

Ruth Chris

Back to Ruth Chris tonight for a farewell dinner for Madeline Bell! Gonna miss my roomy! 🙁 Lone Ranger for the next 6 days!!

Ralph Murphy!

Had the absolute pleasure to enjoy a lovely meal at the wonderful Ralph Murphy’s tonight the man who knows anything and everything about song writhing! It was such a great experience and got to meet so many other great talents and inspirations!


Just got home from an amazing party at Roger Cooks house. Met some amazing people! Some true inspirations! Can’t wait to get in the studio next week! 🙂

Katie Cook!

Was so great to meet presenter of CMT Katie Cook today. Was such an inspiration! 🙂

Jamie McLaughlin

Anyone who knows me knows play electric guitar and the country blues and I’m in my element! I can honestly say I was captivated by the sounds of Jamie McLaughlin on vocals! What a truly amazing talent!! At only 15 his a star in the making and that’s for sure!! OMG and his electric guitar playing!!

3rd and Linsley

Dinner at 3rd and Linsley tonight with Mr Roger Cook, Madeline Bell and many more!! Soo excited!!


Breakfast at the best place in town for food Noshville! Best pancakes your ever have and a little eventful maybe more to follow!

Dinner in the stars

What an amazing night at 5 Oaks Country club for dinner with some amazing people! And the stories! Unfortunately not mine to share but I was in awe! ❤️