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Last breakfast!!

Just had my last breakfast at Noshville! I can’t beleive I’m leaving for home today!! I’ve had such an amazing time in Nashville. I have met some of the most amazing and inspirational people in the world!! And I have done such great things! I just can’t wait to come back!! Take care yoo’all I’ll […]

Last Night in Nashville! :(

So gutted to say it’s my last night in Nashville it’s certainly been a interesting and amazing trip!! Hope can come back soon!!

Alan Shacklock!!

OMG can’t believe I met with Alan Shacklock today at SAE institute studios in Nashville! What a legend! You name it his done it! Can’t believe how lucky I am!! 🙂

All exciting things!!

Soo happy just had an amazing meeting can’t enclose to much but so so excited!!

Roger Cook!!

Just had the pleasure of spending the day with world famous writer Roger Cook! And not only that I got to write a song with him! Was soo amazing!! Big things to come keep a watch out! ❤️

Kenny Olson!!

Just had a wicked night drinking with the one and only Kenny Olson world famous guitarist for Kid Rock!!

Maple Star!!

Just been to Maple Star offices in Nashville our department for the Smith and Rogers show based here in Nashville doing some links for the show. Then a fantastic writing session with miss Jo-Leah herself!! 🙂

Carrie Underwood!!

Can’t believe I was on the set of Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert’s new video for “something bad” just added to the amazing exspirence I’ve had out here in Nashville!! ❤️

Peter Sullivan!

Well what can I say! Can’t believe Peter Sullivan producer of every Tom Jones, LuLu and many more has played my album and he loves it!! Could be more happy right now! So amazing to have such a great say he loves the album!!