Binky is a happy go lucky, wild and bubbly singer from London. Her unique, raspy and captivating tone makes her one of a kind, driven by relentless amounts of determination. She is a true talent making her way in the music industry.

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The British singer realised her raw talent at the age of 15 after studying the triple threat of music, dance & drama from an early age. Binky is a huge fan of all types of music, both singing and writing in various genres but has decided to concentrate her core attention to Country music quoting, “The first time I sang a country song it was like putting on the most perfect pair of shoes, I haven’t looked back since”.

With her love for country rock music she aspires to some of the most successful artists in the industry such as Carrie Underwood, Gretchen Wilson, Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks. Using her diverse ability to meld all types of music together, she has created an EP with the hope that it has something everyone will love. “I feel it is important to be different and have a mixture of moods in an album. Every song I write is personal to me and expresses a particular time in my life. With such powerful affects music can create today, I want to share my love for music with the world. If I can make a difference to just one person I would have succeeded in my eyes.”

The first time I sang a country song it was like putting on the most perfect pair of shoes…

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In the fall of 2013 Binky approached a new British Country Music Show coming to Sky TV “The Smith & Rogers Country Show”. She hoped she could get some exposure as a British country music artist. What happened next was more than she could have hoped for. The show asked her if she would like to become a full-time presenter and become part of the team. She brought something so young and new to the British country scene as she was fresh out the water and just what they were looking for. She was also asked to work alongside the show’s house band and her weekly performance gave her the exposure and viewers she desired. The show took off with a
bang and quickly teamed up with presenters out in Nashville providing links from “Music City” itself. The show became one of a kind, and following such success they decided to produce a Next Generation show which they have asked Binky to front. This was huge step for Binky, as she was able to reach out to other country artists just like herself who have such unique talent.

What if she could blend the urban sounds of the UK with Nashville’s country sound?

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Following the show’s success, she decided to expand her horizons and work on her first studio album. She wrote a 12-track album which included two bonus tracks, even at such a young age Binky was given the opportunity to duet with two of the industry’s most sought after singers. The first being the original Rat Pack band member Buddy Greco, together they created a fresh take on Buddy’s no.1 single “The Lady Is a Tramp” from the 1950’s. She then went on to work with Madeline Bell formerly from the band Blue Mink, recording a duet of the bands 1960’s single “Melting Pot”. Having put her country twist on both songs and making them her own along with the added bonus of having such incredible artists to sing them with, Binky was over the moon and couldn’t believe her luck. “I grabbed the opportunities with both hands and wasn’t letting go, my journey was becoming better than I had ever imagined and I wasn’t stopping there.”

Wherever my future is destined, I will never forget this journey…

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In the summer of May 2014, Binky travelled to Nashville to broaden her knowledge of country music, and to work with the only British song writer entered into The Nashville Hall of Fame, Rodger Cook. She wanted to gain a true understanding of country music’s roots and take inspiration from other talented country artists. She had the opportunity to meet some of the industry’s best and absorb all the knowledge and advice that they could give her.
Binky headed home back to her roots in London, with a new vision for Country Music. What if she could blend the urban sounds of the UK with Nashville’s country sound? She began to work on merging the two and with the Summer of 2017 just around the corner, she is finally ready to debut her new sound.
“My journey has been a whirl wind from the start and has been so much more than I ever thought it would be. I have been given the chance of a life time and I can’t express how blessed I feel. This started as a seemingly impossible dream, that dream is now slowly feeling as though it could come true. I can see my goal peering through the clouds. Wherever my future is destined, I will never forget this journey and the people I have met along the way, no matter what lies at the end of the road”